PREP SCENE offers a wide range of preriodically scheduled reports aimed at enhancing your staff’s focus on acquiring highly skilled student-athletes. Ultimately, increasing your institutions likelihood of obtaining the academic and athletic performances you’re after. PREP SCENE will produce six scheduled seasonal reports along with 3 CLASS specific REPORTS.

Still not sure what PREP SCENE can do for you? We can show you. Take a look at a SAMPLE EVENT REPORT below.


– primary focus on PA w/ Mid Atlantic bonus

Feb. 3, 2021

Jan. – Feb.

WINTER – delivers insight on the top prospects at your fingertips prior to the start of District & State playoffs.

Mar. – May

SEASONS – is two-fold, a wrap up of our scholastic hoops evaluations with a focus on “winners” as your spring priorities.

June 29


SUMMER I = catches the nations best prospects as they come together at HS/Grassroots events with a focus on stock risers. (***Cancelled Covid-19***)

July 31


SUMMER II – expands upon and highlights the value of the summers top performances and dives into the prospects weaknesses. (***Cancelled Covid-19***)

Oct. 6

Sept. – Oct.

THE PRESEASON – provides an inside look at previous prospects: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Skill Development

Dec 9

Nov. – Dec.

THE FOUNDATION – Focuses on prioritizing prospects for your staff to see in 2021




Juniors – Pennsylvania’s Who’s Who – Mid Atlantic Bonus



Sophomores – Pennsylvania’s Who’s Who – Mid Atlantic Bonus

Jan. 2021


Freshman – Pennsylvania’s who’s Who – Mid Atlantic Bonus

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