Player Eval: A.J. Hoggard

IMG_5531PA Prep Live (Photo)

2020  A.J. Hoggard, Archbishop Carroll (Philadelphia)

Team Final

6-3 Guard

No surprise here Hoggard has been on the national radar since grade school.  He possess the size and strength to translate immediately to the collegiate game.  At 6-3 Hoggard is drawn to the rim with a magnetic force, leaving high school defenders behind him with his first step and ability to finish through contact against much bigger defenders.  For much of 2017, Hoggard has been a steady leader on Carroll, an annual state contender.   During his freshman campaign, he could be overly aggressive and out of control  at times offensively.  However, this should not be cause for alarm.  Hoggard is in a great program with an exceptional coaching staff led by Paul Romanczuk, therefore his progression and basketball maturation is inevitable.    He is an ultra competitive scoring point with the uncanny ability to get and keep everyone in the mix.  Hoggard is a kid who feeds off of the success of his teammates.  Defensively he is best filling passing lanes and turning opponents mishaps into immediate scoring opportunities for his team.  He is a risk taker defensively and often puts himself and teammates in challenging situations.  With that said, Hoggard has guarded some of the best upperclassman in District 12 1 on 1 and has more than held his own on the ball.

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