Player Eval: Darrius Davis

-Photo from Buckeye Report

2020 – Darrius Davis,

Propel Andrew Street (Pittsburgh)

Bridge City

6-3, Guard/Forward

Davis is one of the most explosive athletes in Pennsylvania’s talented 2020 class.  He is a smooth and effortless athlete able to rise up and finish over larger defenders or chase down smaller guards sending the ball careening off the backboard.   Davis who is still very raw, is an absolute nightmare in transition.  Here lies his biggest value; where he flourishes the most is in an uptempo game; pressing, trapping, filling lanes and getting out on the break. Blessed with a long wing-span, high motor and attacking skills of a starved predator, Davis is a must see for college coaches looking for a slashing finisher.  Crucial for Davis to reach his full potential will be the progression of his jump shot and half-court awareness.  All indications are he is a tireless worker, which gives hope that “Raw-Talent” will not be used to describe Davis for very long.

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