Kimber Memorial Shootout Observations

Kimber Memorial Shootout
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Best Group: The 8th Annual Kimber Memorial Shootout, best group is a tough one.  Several overtime games in a round robin format will have you debating.  However the 3-0 Carlisle Thundering Herd get the PREP SCENE nod this weekend.  Led by 6-5 do it all, inside outside threat Ki Barnes, Carlisle looked poised for another playoff run.  The return of Carlisles football players took some scoring pressure off of K. Barnes, he did not need the 30 point performance (vs. Northeastern) he had a weekend ago for a chance to win.  Gavyne Barnes (5-9, 2018) provided solid ball handling, penetration, defense and a boatload of leadership.   The Herd posted a rebounding advantage in each game in large part to the work-horse effort of Joe Mastrangelo (6-6, 2018) and K. Barnes.  Others that contributed heavily were Eveyon Davis (big shots) Nigel Newson, and Trevor Hamilton (6-6, 2019).  The 2016 District champ Cougars, missing a host of Division I athletes off of the football field were very formidable going 2-1. led by Tony James (2018), Ali Anthony (2018) & Ky’Aire Sumpter (2019).  York High playing in only one contest looked very good in an overtime victory over Baltimore’s Thurgood Marshall.  Players to watch for the Bearcats this season will be,  Kyree Generett (2018), Clovis Gallon Jr. (6-4, 2019) Marquise McClean (6-3, 2019) and Jaser Drayden (2018).

Will have the Most Impact this season: It is hard to deny the fact that, the Harrisburg Cougar gridiron stars pose the biggest impact to the District III AAAAAA landscape.   If they all suit up, I am not betting against them, that’s for damn sure.       

Scored it with ease: Da’Quan Granberry (Chichester, 2018), The 6-2 shooting guard has a nice basketball build, long with the ability to defend and rebound.  However, he was most impressive on the offensive side – getting into the lane at will, finishing through contact, and knocking down open and contested looks alike.  Royce Urena (Susquehanna, 2018) scored the ball effectively from all three levels, but today was most impressive in the mid-range area.  Great elevation on his pull up allowed him to get his shot off and knock it down with ease on smaller guards.  Played to his strengths with poise and confidence.  Tony James (Harrisburg, 2018) also scored it with ease most of the day, attacking the rim and pulling up for his staple mid range jumpers.  Ki Barnes (Carlisle 2018)  is instant offensive for his team.  The ability to get his own shot from the wing or the paint is a huge advantage for him, the more easy ones he can get the better Carlisle is.

Best Playmaker: Jhamir Brickus (Coatesville, 2020) Electric herky-jerk guard, was impossible to keep out of the lane.  Controlled the tempo and found teammates.  Brickus had limited options with him on the floor without the Coatesville football players and 6-9 Eastern Kentucky commit Tyrel Bladen available.  However, the playmaking ability was evident, as he constantly found teammates out of the pick and roll and on dribble penetrations.  Brickus puts a ton of pressure on a defense to help the on ball defender and he is skilled in making you pay with passes from all angles with both hands.

Will take you by surprise: Eveyon Davis (Carlisle, 2018) has been sitting in the shadows of the ultra talented Deshawn Millington and sniper Ben Milligan waiting patently for his turn to contribute.  He could not wait for his chance to step on the floor last season as the Herd knocked of Coatesville, Lincoln High, and Emmaus before eventually falling to Pine Richland in the State Semi-Finals.  Coach Anderson, knew Davis was ready if he had to call his number but was simply caught in a numbers game.  For the wirey senior the wait is over, he demonstrated a knack for the big play with several clutch baskets late in games yesterday.  He has a soft touch and made teams pay for helping into the lane to stop the Barnes brothers effective penetration.  Davis with an ability to create his own shot also is poised to keep Carlisle relevant in District III and beyond.


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