On the SCENE…

Wilson Scrimmage Notes:

The Panthers are on the prowl

Central York was impressive as a unit. Without a marquee superstar, the Panthers are a well oiled machine; relying on synergy to create open looks. The “x’s & o’s” were clicking for Coach Schieler today creating open looks for a host of role players to take advantage of… But make no mistake about it, it will take some “jimmys’ & joes’ to garner District III recognition and possibly State recognition in 2020… Maybe I should have said “Gabe’s and Evan’s” not “jimmys’ and joes'” …When things breakdown, and one thing is for certain, they will at times… crucial times this season, Gabe Guidinger and Evan Eisenhart are capable of making plays. Gabe finished the ball at the rim very strong today. His upper body strength really stood out. He is sure to be making his coach a believer long after he leaves Central York. Cant wait to see the player he blossoms into in the next few years. The kid scores it from all three levels and is always in the right place at the right time. Evan had his shot falling today and plays with an energy and competitiveness many kids lack. The wildcard for Central will be Shilo Johnson, a 6’5 junior forward. He is raw offensively and not always fluid in the half court, but he was an absolute rebounding machine at the defensive end. If he can box his game up to just slash, rebound-outlet, rebound-putback & defend… not only does his stock rise but this teams stock goes way up.

Mitchell has the goods

Stevie Mitchell was sensational at both ends of the floor. Court awareness, basketball IQ, and body control are next level. He was clearly the best player on the floor in any one session. His vision is special! very special!! His teammates could find that out the hard way if they aren’t paying close attention when the ball is in his hands. He is an elite finisher at the rim, above and through contact. Change of pace, explosive bursts, the long ball off the bounce, catch and shoot…you name it, it was on display today for the Bulldogs. Wilson looked good as a whole but Stevie was… WELL STEVIE.

Jacob Melady leads the Trojans in more than buckets

Parkland’s 6’4 Ace did a little of everything to put his team in position to win each quarter. The senior handled the ball and set the offense from the point guard position when necessary. He knocked down shots at all three levels from the wing, He rebounded and scored if from the post. He guarded the opponents best player. However most impressive to me was his demeanor with teammates and coaches in the huddle. He is a natural leader… oh yeah did we mention he is a walking bucket with a sweet stroke!

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