Gas up the automobiles and 747’s – grassroots basketball has just finished its cup of morning coffee and is wide awake… the warm-ups and scrimmages are over.  Things are about to get real.  Student-athletes across the state have been practicing since their high school seasons ended in anticipation of the NCAA April Live Period.  From the kid on the mom & pop team with the hopes of he & his friends winning a couple of games and being seen on the main courts; to the kid affiliated with the highly successful organization, that’s known for developing their kids and placing them in schools; to the ultra-talented fully funded sneaker kid, traveling with his team full of Division I talent and potential pros, waiting in the airport hoping his love of basketball translates beyond a college scholarship and oneday onto a private Jet.  One thing is for certain, whether they are headed to Pittsburgh, Ohio, New Jersey, Kentucky, Indiana, Texas, or DC, they all have one thing in common.  Even tho’ there are Levels to this thing called travel ball….  As of tonight —ALL – still have hopes of performing well on the big state in front of college coaches.  By Friday night the best players in the state of Pennsylvania along with many others with a dream will be on the hardwood ripping it up vying for that coveted scholarship.  Best of Luck to all.


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